As platforms are just a foundation and not the end result, we can consult you with the best way on how to use these platforms. This can be on an operational level, making sure monitoring, and automation is on par. To helping your developers build applications suitable for containers (cloud native) or build a full CI/CD pipeline integrated with the platform for faster delivery of your services.

When just starting with containers and the different types of platforms, the technology can be quiet overwhelming. Therefore we can give trainings and kickstart your first platform together with your engineers and developers.

Container Platforms

We build and maintain a different variety of container platforms. As needs may vary we make sure we can cater for any type of application. Therefore we build and maintain both Kubernetes and Mesosphere DCOS environments and we can help you pick the best solution for your needs, integrations, ease of use and type of applications.

We have a cloud agnostic mindset which means that we can easily scale to any cloud.

So if for example you are already running your corporate environment in Microsoft Azure we can easily integrate with your account.


We understand that you won’t always want to outsource your environments and host it at a third party.

This is why we can also manage your environment remotely. This means you are in full control of your platform but without the hassle of maintaining it. We will make sure the environment stays running, kept up to date and help you integrate it into your corporate environment. Of course, things like monitoring, documentation etc. is fully transparent and we can integrate with the tools you are already running.